Summer Camp



Scholarships Available

June 16 – Aug 15 2014


  • Celentano Museum Academy -New Haven, CT
  • Hamden Middle School** – Hamden, CT (Session 2: June 23rd – 27th  only)
  • St. John Paul II School – Middletown, CT

**The Hamden Middle School location will only register students for June 23rd-27th. All other registered students will be  relocated to Celentano Museum Academy 400 Canner St, New Haven, CT 06511

HOURS &  FEES Early Registration

Half-Day AM: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm $105.00/week
Full Day:          9:00 am – 3:00 pm $165.00/week
PM Mini:          3:00 pm – 5:00 pm $35.00/week add-on

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES Field Trip Info: Trip Fee: $35.00 add-on per session. All Outdoor Adventures sessions offer (1) field trip. -Trips will be scheduled from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm Tuesday and/or Wednesday. -Trips are optional but recommended.

NEW! ART ROCKS! BAND CAMP: Concert every Friday with Band Camp students, special performers and entertainers. Band Camp is highly recommended for students who have an instrument and want to have fun. (no additional cost)


Session 1: June 16-20 Art on the Farm (Middletown Only)
K-2nd: Students learn to draw farm animals and explore these animals in their natural environment.
3rd-6th: Students learn to add abstract elements to drawing farm animals.
Outdoor Adventure Field Trip: Riverview Farms

Session 2: June 23-27 Art & Geography (Middletown Only) Hamden Location Cancelled
K-2nd: Students learn mapping and map making through trail exploration.
3rd-6th: Students will learn to draw and paint panoramic views through exploration. Outdoor Adventure Field Trip: Sleeping Giant State Park

Session 3: June 30-July 3 Art & Landscapes (Middletown & New Haven)
K-2nd: Students learn perspective and landscape painting.
3rd-6th: Students will learn to draw natural water-view landscapes using perspective and watercolor.
Outdoor Adventure Field Trip: Wadsworth Falls State Park

Session 4: July 7-11 Art at the Zoo (Middletown & New Haven)
K-2nd: Students will draw and paint small exotic animals and reptiles.
3rd-6th: Students learn how to draw large cats, like Lions, Panthers and Tigers from an artistic standpoint.
Outdoor Adventure Field Trip: Beardsley Zoo

Session 5: July 14-18 Art & The Mind: Drawing & Painting Concepts
(Middletown & New Haven)

K-2nd: Students will explore drawing and painting using still life of fruit, trees and more. 3rd-6th: Students will use color theory and perspective to paint still life of trees, fruit and more.
Outdoor Adventure Field Trip: Yale Peabody Museum

Session 6: July 21-25 Art at the Staples (Middletown & New Haven)
K-2nd: Students learn to draw horses and staples with perspective.
3rd-6th: Students study the anatomy of the horse and draw this majestic animal.
Outdoor Adventure Field Trip: Rivendell Horse Farm

Session 7: July 28-Aug 1 Art & Science: Anatomy  (Middletown & New Haven)
K-2nd: Students learn how to draw and express themselves with abstract life-like organ images and self- portraits.
3rd-6th: Students study medical drawings and explore drawing hands and feet using Pablo Picasso inspired techniques.
Outdoor Adventure Field Trip: Middlesex Hospital

Session 8: Aug 4-8 Art & Recyclables: Theatrical Wonderland (Middletown Only)
K-2nd: Students will enjoy making 2D and 3D costumes, masks and a Theatrical Wonderland all out of recyclable materials.
3rd-6th: Students will create candles, picture frames, keepsakes and more all out of recyclable materials.
Outdoor Adventure Field Trip: Oddfellows Playhouse

Session 9: Aug 11-15 Art Under the Sea (Middletown Only)
K-2nd: Students explore motions and movement as they learn to draw fish, sharks, dolphins, whales and more.
3rd-6th: Students will experiment with balance, motion, movement and patterns as they learn interesting things about sea creatures.
Outdoor Adventure Field Trip: Mystic Aquarium

All sessions will be differentiated for all ages and artistic levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

For More Information:
(860) 346-0898


Cancellation Policy & Behavior Policy
Camp Locations and Directions:
Celentano Museum Academy, 400 Canner St, New Haven, CT 06511
Hamden Middle School, 2623 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT 06518 
St. John Paul II,  87 South Main Street Middletown CT, 06457